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Customer Service Mobile APP

Customer Service Mobile APP

Our Customer Service Smart Phone APP called Household is available on iPhone and Andriod devices.

The Household App provides our customes with a host of value added service features and does so with little phone resources and even less space requirement on your mobile phone.

The APP is provided by the Recycle Network inconjuction with Fitzgerald Waste and enables families to manage their home account in a simple yet entertaining manner.

The overall goal with the Household App is to assist the home owner in every aspect of their daily lives, whether it be a reminder to put out the recycling bin, a low oil alert on your oil tank or even to watch Facebook on your TV with friends - the Household App should be there for you.

So whats in the Household App and why should you download it?

  • #   View your COLLECTION CALENDAR and get an alert on your next collection day
  • #   PAY OR TOP UP your account and View Account transactions
  • #   TRANSFER MONEY from your account, to help family and friends pay their bill
  • #   DEALS & SPECIAL OFFERS, See available Recycle Network deals in your area
  • #   SCREEN SHARING from your Android phone to your TV, so you can show what is on your phone on your TV. Great for watching youtube videos or for using Netflix etc (you must ask the office for a HDMI dongel)   




To install our App on your phone, select either the Android or iPhone link below.

Short link : Short link :


Once you have our APP installed on your phone you will need the following:

  • # Your customer ID and password, they can be found on any Fitzgerald Waste letter or contact us and we can provide them.
  • # If you like the App, why not tell your friends about it. If you have an innovative idea of how to advance the APP, please let us know as we are always on the look out for ways to advance it.



About the Customer Deals & Special Offers

An additional feature within the App is its Deals service.  These deals are updated every day by businesses within the network which you can buy with credit from your account balance.  Purchase receipts are sent via email and also into your account online.


About the Screen Sharing

The HDMI Phone TV button in the app, enables you to sync your mobile to your HDMI TV - so you can watch youtube on your TV live without the need for a PC.  This feature only works with new phones using Android 4.2  and with TVs which have a HDMI connection socket. You also need a mini USB dongle, to request one please contact us.

Ver. 0.9.0 (build 1119)